1. Patients with a fever must get a negative result from a COVID antigen test kit (available at pharmacies) in order to enter this clinic. Patients with a positive test result must visit clinics officially registered for fever outpatients.

2. Please bring a mask  and wear it all the time you are in the clinic.

3. Due to present pandemic conditions, and this clinic’s limited capacity, please understand that we cannot accept all patients.

4. Foreign patients and tourists, please note:

* You must present your Residence Card and you’re a insurance card as ID. If you don’t have a Residence card, please present your passport.

* In this clinic only Dr. Hatano speaks English. Other staff cannot respond in English. If you cannot speak Japanese, please bring someone who can translate to and from Japanese.

* Since space is limited only patients and their translators can wait inside the clinic.

* Payment is by cash only. Credit cards are not accepted.